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About The Baltic
Star Company

The Baltic Star Company is a team of extra class specialists offering transportation services for various events attended by representatives of various executive and legislative authorities as well as the heads of the largest international and national corporations.

The largest Russian and international customers have already had a chance to appreciate our many years of experience in planning of transportation services of all complexity levels as well as our experience in organizing and maintaining an impressively large fleet of vehicles.

Thanks to the integrated approach and high quality of services, the Baltic Star Company is the official transportation service provider for the most important business events.

We recognize the role the transport plays in modern economy and logistics and we are extremely proficient at:

  • Managing the transport systems and analyzing the status and trends of their development;
  • Knowing the market and researching the services offered by transport operators;
  • Identifying the potential ways to improve the transportation efficiency;
  • Justifying the choices of transportation means and technologies;
  • Following the provisions of regulatory legal acts related to transportation;
  • Establishing public-private partnerships in the field of transportation.

We have experience in implementing modern technologies designed for managing transportation systems in order to provide comfortable and safe passenger transportation services corresponding to the world quality standards.

Our Advantages

We are well-versed in transportation terminology and proficient in identifying transportation requirements to support logistics operations, performing elementary calculations of transportation metrics, establishing public-private partnerships in the field of transportation, as well as handling transport documents.

For more detailed information regarding the integrated transportation services and rental terms and conditions, please visit the EVENT SERVICING or CAR HIRE sections of this website.

  • Organization of transportation services for events of any level

  • Development of “ready for use” transport logistics

  • Prompt availability of transport vehicles upon request

  • Prompt customer service and online support

  • VIP

    Organization of motorcades escorted by security guards

  • Selection, training, and testing of drivers and dispatchers