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Event Servicing

Our long-term experience, comprehensive approach, and high quality of work enable us to offer a unique integrated set of transportation services to support various events.

The Baltic Star Company has developed special accelerated approval processes enabling the certification of all vehicles and drivers involved in various events, issue entry permits of various categories and levels of clearance, and perform safety checks.


  • Organization of transportation services for events of any level

  • Development of “ready for use” transport logistics

  • Development and creation of traffic schemes for vehicles and parking systems at various event venues

  • Prompt availability of transport vehicles upon request

  • Customer service and online support

  • Coordination of routes with the City Administration, GIBDD (State Road Traffic Safety Inspectorate), and GUDODD (State Institution Road Traffic Organization Directorate)

  • Organizing motorcades accompanied by security guards and escorted by GIBDD

  • Outsourcing of all functions related to the transportation services: dispatching, selection and training of drivers, preparation of necessary supporting documents, etc.

  • Branding of transport vehicles (any complexity), including development of design layouts

  • Development and creation of navigation systems: mobile (designation of the transport vehicles involved in the relevant event) and stationary (designation of places for stopping to collect the participants of the relevant event)

  • Organization of approval of vehicles for operation with the issuance of all necessary documents

  • Provision of transport vehicles for individual and group tours, including tours accompanied by licensed guide-interpreters

  • Development of the service provision standard and obtaining its approval

  • Obtaining insurance for the entire company’s fleet in accordance with the requirements of the Russian legislation, including insurance coverage for passengers

  • Ensuring provision of services exclusively by professional, competent, and courteous drivers with extensive experience in handling VIP clients

The Baltic Star Company is the only official transport operator for the SPIEF-2017 (Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum). Only we offer guaranteed high quality and secure individual transportation service during the SPIEF-2017.


If you would like to book a vehicle or get acquainted with the terms and conditions of the provision of individual transportation service, please contact us via one of the following methods:
e-mail: office@baltic-star.com; telephone: +7 (812) 336-34-14 (from 10 am to 8 pm, local time);

The recommended tariffs for the transportation services valid until APRIL 28, 2017 inclusive:

Vehicle Class Rental Price
(per hour, without parking rights, including VAT in the amount of 18%)
Luxury (Mercedes-Benz W 222) 8395 rubles 00 kopecks
(Mercedes-Benz W 221 and equivalent)
6621 rubles 00 kopecks
Business 3907 rubles 00 kopecks
Economy 2330 rubles 00 kopecks
Minibus/Minivan 3555 rubles 00 kopecks

The recommended tariffs for the transportation services effective from APRIL 29, 2017:

Vehicle Class Rental Price
(per hour, without parking rights, including VAT in the amount of 18%)
Luxury (Mercedes-Benz W 222) 9701 rubles 00 kopecks
(Mercedes-Benz W 221 and equivalent)
8084 rubles 00 kopecks
Business 4965 rubles 00 kopecks
Economy 3117 rubles 00 kopecks
Minibus/Minivan 4551 rubles 00 kopecks

* minimum rental period – 3 days (a total of 14 hours a day)

Any participant of the Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum may hire a certified vehicle with a driver from the Forum’s official transport service operator by signing into his/her Personal account on the Forum’s website and filling out a corresponding order in the “Book a Vehicle” section.

The Baltic Star Company is the only Forum’s official provider of transportation services.

Please note that the rented vehicle stops at the entrance to the Forum’s site only for boarding and disembarking passengers. The vehicle then proceeds to the allocated parking lot located on Pulkovskoe highway.


  • Modern CALL-center (unlimited number of telephone lines, recording of all conversations, teleconference mode, etc.)

  • GPS-monitoring system (monitoring of location, capturing movement history of vehicles, entry and exit of geofence)

  • Company-owned dispatching and accounting software for recording drivers’ working hours and duration of vehicle operation

  • Automatic sending of notifications of all kind and character

  • Organizing the workspace and installing equipment for the dispatching service center

  • Development of the service provision standard and obtaining its approval

  • Selection and training of staff (dispatchers, operators, and shift supervisors)

  • Designing and organizing a system for processing of requests for transportation services on a 24-hour-a-day basis

  • Service provision quality control

  • Quick resolution of extraordinary situations

  • Transport vehicle route reporting

  • Number of vehicles in operation

  • Number of hours worked

  • Number of orders received

  • Number of calls handled by line (customer / driver)


  • Company-owned database of drivers and dispatchers (over 1500 individuals)

  • An agreement concluded with a recruiting company for selection of potential candidates

  • Time-tested methods for training drivers and dispatchers